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I love perfumes but i don’t have the habit of wearing them daily. i don’t even have the habit of wearing them on just special occasions. I just wear them randomly– sometimes a lot more than i intend to, sometimes subtle enough. It just irritates me that our weather just don’t keep the top notes of the scent on long enough.

When I was flying, I carried my big bulky Coco Mademoiselle everywhere I went in a crumpled ziplock (i had this thing for ziplocks ok) and sprayed myself until i choked sometimes but everyone seemed to do it. Some people loved guessing your scent too. Creepy.

I came across my first perfume when i was really young. It was my mom’s, an Estee Lauder’s. I can’t remember exactly what it was. Her favourites though were Anaïs Anaïs by Cacherel and Tresor by Lancome (both ol skool) maybe it’s the taste of the women that era or the age.

My olfactory system however wasn’t inherited. Maybe, eventually it will evolve when I’m considered old. This is however, another discussion altogether.


Anna Sui — Sui Love
So… I will LOVELOVELOVE you mucho if you can tell me where i can get this!! I’ve been looking and i haven’t seen this anywhere. I wore this when I was in secondary school (HAHA VAIN) and bought it on my own savings which was a big deal to me. Maybe I’m just really sentimental. I loved it because i found it unique to me. I can’t quite describe it but from the same website it says its “a powerful elixir of passion fruit and jasmine, tuberose and orange flower, all surrendering to voluptuous vanilla, ambrette and musk.”

I do love tuberoses. I guess i loved them before i knew that they were called tuberoses (thanks gwen stefani!)

My next perfume that i had was a birthday gift from my girls for one of my birthdays, i can’t remember which but it must’ve been many years ago already.


After i was done with my first, i went on to get another by myself and another. 3 bottles on and i say i would like to explore my options now. I don’t know if i can settle for a signature scent like how some ladies do but Chanel Coco Mlle will always be the ultimate for me. 🙂

This ones pungent in a nice way. Shouts out CHANEL as with all their fragrances. (Jasmine and roses!)


My 3rd and being used alongside my Chanel is Lanvin’s Éclat d’Arpège. This is really fresh-floral and fruity at the same time like citrus or grapefruits. Turns out there are no grapefruits because in their website i found that it has lilac, sicilian lemons, freesias, peonies and white musk just to name a few. I was a little wary of this one but i figured why not? It does make me feel a little younger than i am and i think it’s perfect for work days or dates in the day.

My 4th and fast becoming one of my favourites is something that caught me off guard. I was in Orchard Rd 4 times in a week in December with my boyfriend. I don’t know how and why (probably my bf’s careful and slow selection of A BELT) but we paced from Somerset to Orchard and always ended up at Ngee Ann city. I walked into Jo Malone twice. First to see their room collection and then to sniff my nose off. This is after walking past the store a few times already!


It’s really not a mystery to me why i chose this out of their extensive range. It has peonies, jasmines and roses! Same notes as the ones i have used. I bought a small bottle for easy packing and i can bring it anywhere really. The bottle is super slim and i didnt want to drag on the use of 3 bottles of perfume. I found the packaging and service at JM pretty amazing. Plus i found the perfect way to perfume our future place! So…. i may give JM another shot when i am done with all my perfumes.

Now why do I feel like watching this again. :p


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