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December lovin’

I have so many things to say!

i love December. Maybe it’s the festive mood that i’m always in. Plus the bf and i celebrated our anniversary on the 10th and his birthday is coming too! A festive baby, a festive couple. 😄

Our anniversary wasn’t really a week long celebration (heh) but since i was working on the actual day and our schedules clashed a little, it was divided it into 3 small celebrations. The first was midnight on the 10th, i was walking home after my taxi dropped me off and he surprised me with a cake with a candle cuz it was “our birthday” hahaha. We went to Rouse and just chilled a few days after… and we had a nice dinner at BlueBali on the 3rd day.


Bluebali was such a nice place! I have to give it to him… he’s really good at this. Surprises and making a special date, special. The Jimbaran BBQ seafood platter was awesome! And there was another cake!


I don’t know what’s up with Orchard Rd but in a span of 1 week we went there 3 times (to shop, eat, see the lights, soak in the atmosphere). I had to shop for gifts and did a lot of “cardio” walking from mall to mall. It’s not like i actually celebrate Christmas.. it’s just the festive mood that the songs and lights put you in. Xmas is my second favourite holiday season after Aidilfitri!

So.. 3 nights ago we were at Pizza Hut when a stranger sat next to us to dine by herself and spoke to us for the whole duration of our dinner. I really felt enlightened and assured. What a good way to wrap 2014..

I will always remember her for her advice and kind words. It was a pretty long conversation… but basically she told us

1. To dream big and think big of yourself as absolutely no one can tell you so.

2. Have the right attitude.

3. Work hard, work smart.

4. PLAN for your future and learn to make the right moves.

5. Get married (hahaha ok this was because she asked us how long we were together and she told us exactly this! And THEN went on joking that its absurd to be married to the same guy for the past 25years)

She was a Finnish lady and my ever social bf spoke about his time in Helsinki and Jyvaskyla.. and how he enjoyed it. I wish i could live in a lakehouse too and just sail 🙂

I’ll save the rest of December for another post.


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