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By SeaAndSunshine in Deviantart

I am 26 (i think i should soon stop revealing my age)

As far as i can remember i have had cramps since about 14 or 15. I had 2 really bad episodes that landed me in hospital. I think i was about 19 and had a scan to see the insides and i had no physical problems except for a twisted fallopian tube that can be fixed naturally, eventually. The gynae tried to push me into taking hormones/birth control but i was too scared of weight gain and blood clots so i decided to just stick with taking painkillers every month. I started with normal panadol, then to the pink one then to ponstan. I was friends with anything that can relief my pain.

I was en route to New York when someone told me to get this really good painkiller (easier to get things off the shelf in the US, as long as their FDA approved) called Midol Complete. It has since expired and i had like 2 more tabs so i just threw it away and now relying on Panadol Extra, no less. Midol was awesome because the pain took about 20minutes on average to disappear (yes i track these things) and i didnt have to be carried around (haha kidding)

I did read up on this condition and in Uni I enrolled myself in a reproductive class with the medical department just to get to know my condition better. On a sidenote, the lecturer was the OB/GYN who delievered me out of my mom. Its amazing right? He told me that he worked for so long that he had even done delivery on the daughters of his former patients. i was pretty star struck because he was the first person to see me, literally!

So back to the story, i learnt that the hormone Protaglandin is released and this is the same hormone that aids in contractions of the uterus to shed its lining and during childbirth but of course, a lot more is released then. This is the cause of the cramping for me. This also has an effect on the bowel and that explains the diarrhoea i get every time i get cramps. I’m lucky because i don’t need surgery for this.. there is nothing physically wrong with it after my scan last year. The best part about these scans is that i don’t understand the images. I think ive only seen this sort of thing when pregnant ladies post up their scan pics. Mine is just a blur and obviously empty womb with the gynae telling me that im probably ovulating because i can see the rupture. How violent my woman parts are!

The truth is i don’t know if i can be cramp-less. People say after i give birth, with increase exercise (i tried this), more calcium/vit E bla bla. I tried them all. I even tried the traditional way of boiling red dates with ginger and mata kucing. Yes they provided temporary relief but i really hope for a permenant stop to this because i am immobile for about 4-8 hours of a day (thank God just a day) and this equals to wasting time. Especially when its my off day and im supposed to be out having fun. Yeaaaaaa im having so much fun nursing myself right now.


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