2014 · 30 by 30 · Bucket List · Wishlists


I’ve decided that to keep myself motivated, i should do up a list of 30 (or more) things that i wish to achieve by 30 (NTS extends until i turn 31. haha) I don’t know if i can keep to it but i hope i will.. heh

My version of 30 things to do/experience/start on/work on is mainly for ME. As self centred as this may sound, this is, in every sense, a personal list. I’ve thought about some of the things to include in this #30by30 (will hashtags still be the in- thing by then?) And i guess i will write about each one of them as i get through them.. I’m really a cross-the-bridge-when-you-get-to-it sort.. i have many many things in my list but i guess if they are big enough to my personal value-addedness I’ll try to detail them here for memories’ sake…

I’ll be turning 27 next year and time flies too fast when you’re having fun.. what people say is true, your twenties fly by and I don’t want to be one of those who waste their youth on events and things that make you say.. “… wa.. so wasted” 


i don’t want to look back to regret my youth.

Maybe some of the things are small, maybe some are monumentally life changing but i hope every little effort i put into this life, will teach me a thing or two and help me be a better and happier person.


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