What do you know?


I have a whole lot of hate to spew every now and then but i always hold back doing it publicly because my bf told me that i shouldn’t be bothered. And partly because i cringe at hate posts that are written distastefully.

Truth is, i am full of emotion. I’m rational mostly but when i look at people who knowingly hurt others, i get really upset. (In your case unknowingly-but-intentionally perhaps?) Even if this isn’t happening to me but to the people around me who i obviously care about.

Yesterday i walked through a place, a place i know and got really upset at how people can take others for granted. And their kindness for weakness. I once thought that i can let it go but i really can’t. I just need to know how to.

Sometimes revisiting places can stir up old emotions and pain. And for me, making me glad that its over.

Rewards are just even though people have long forgotten. Its just how the universe works.

I just hope in 2015, things will shape up and hopefully these people can get an F out of all our lives. I guess in this one post I’ve addressed the people i really despise. And i think that’s hopefully enough for a long time.


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