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Leave it up to the Universe


Its funny how my ustazah, says the right things at the right time. Whenever I’m facing some sort of anomaly in my otherwise good-neutral mood, she always has these little anecdotes for me or sometimes a snap back to reality. I am not religious. There are days i take a step forward and there are days i go two steps back. (#girlreform lol)

I wish i had a cleaner heart, you know, one that doesn’t hold any grudges or be quick to jump when something annoys me. I could make a list of people i choose to shut out of my life because i believe having them around will just create problems within me. Hopefully, it helps me get over things and eventually forget about them. I guess its only human to be born to hate.

Today she spoke to me about the heart and the conversations we have with it —  To be careful to acknowledge what the heart wants because it can be quick to materialize. Our conversations with God come from the mind and the heart. Everything we say, is a prayer, a wish if you like. Like i said, i’m emotional and would like to think I’m well in touch with my emotions.

Its funny earlier today, how i felt..


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