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After about 10 days of holidaying (with a short 8h rest on my bed in between) I’m reunited with my bed, bf and coconut oil. My mom and bf thinks I’m turning into Gaia’s child — with my no poo craze (already a month and a half yay!) And my overindulgence in coconut oil.

Right now I’m laying in bed after slathering a whole lot on my face and some on my hair. It smells amazing, but i don’t leave it on for more than a night.. i might end up smelling bad altogether.
In short, i did these things with my Nature’s Way OrganicCoconut Oil

Nature's Way

1. Oil pulling
2. Swallowing it whole
3. Putting it in my yogurt
4. As an eye and face cream
5. As a scalp and hair treat overnight
6. Sometimes as a body lotion
7. To remove make up

More here

Mom also told me that if travelling without washing my hair is gon be hard, i should just shampoo it. It hasn’t really crossed my mind and it was only that one time i really felt like washing my hair because i was new to this and being at a beach-side wedding was making my hair oily as hell. Anyways, i brought along my honey + water wash for my hair on my trip to Cambodia and that’s it. Im happy i haven’t succumbed. and hopefully i won’t.

AND coconut oil (or any other oil for that matter) seems to only be removed by shampoo but for a no-poo way, i use an egg yolk! Just 01 egg yolk beaten and add a bit of water up to 1/4 of a glass, more or less, pour it bit by bit over hair that’s covered with the coconut oil and massage it in. Leave it on for 10minutes or so and then i rinse. i have to keep reminding myself to turn off the water heater cuz even the slightest warmth in the water = scrambled eggs in hair! Yuckssss.

Also i am reunited with #Shonathecat !!



I think Shona is really more human than a cat. She loves it when we carry her like a baby and rub her belly! Dad even brought her down but he’s too scared to let her down cuz obviously if she runs away, no ones gon return her and she is so social that she might just get comfortable with others. Maybe when she’s bigger and stronger, we can get a nice body leash (???)

More about my trips soon! It was AMAZING! xx


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