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2.5 hours

That was about how long i had to go through my pain-for-pleasure session.

I have thin skin. lol, you can see my capillaries on my cheeks, veins on my thighs etc so anything that pokes/tugs/pinch/whatever else my skin, hurts like crazy.

While i was flying, i visited my beautician, Jas, every month. I’m not blessed with good skin but over the years, it has improved. Thanks to hormonal balancing (hopefully), compatible products and regular facial. The amount of make up i had on for extended periods had a terrible effect on my face, obviously as with my hair’s predicament and i have to go to her to clean my skin from the inside out, the painful way.

Honestly finding the little shop at my estate, was a gem!

My typical day on the facial bed starts with cleansing but i always tell her to skip it cuz i’ll clean my face before i go out (she is about 50 steps away according to my pedometer). She uses a microdermabrasion wand or sometimes a chisel looking thing that is always wet. The latter she will use if my skin was a little dry/dehydrated (WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!), its supposed to help water absorption and she lightly pressed my skin with it. There was no pain yet..

Also, Jas doesnt use a steamer to open up the pores and honestly i don’t think it would make much of a difference even if she did.. i tried once before with the steamer at another place. Its all the same to me.

The painful part for me is the EXTRACTION. It amazed me that all she needed was this tool that has a tiny needle on one end and a loop on the other. All she did was to push down on my skin and wipe. She told me that there was a certain direction in which the pushing was done and if not properly done, i.e. if i were to do it on myself, scarring can happen. I’m glad to say that Jas thinks my skin has improved by heaps and bounds but i still gotta find a way to deep clean every once in a while on my own. This time around she said I have a oil that cannot escape my pores so she has to manually take them out. Mehhh

I watched a few disgusting videos on the extractor and i found the least visually disturbing one here..

Dermatology Treatments : How to Use Blackhead Rem…:

Following that she used a wand with some electrical (feels like it) pulses, this step was apparently to increase my skin’s ability to absorb products. After that she shaped my brows although i still prefer threading.. then she applied another gel, massaged my face with a  cold wand and then it turned warm. I guess it’s for blood circulation, relieve redness and increase absorption. And finallllyy, mask my face with gauze and all! My facial package cost me $500 or so for 10 sessions. I heard of places charging up to 1k for facials but i guess they must be using some state of the art machines or products. But I guess for me what’s most important is the skill of the beautician and… as with hairdressers, chemistry.



To save time she did my underarms ipl while i was in this state. It was painless though.. either my skin got used to it or there arent anymore hair developing for the time being. I havent had it done for about 5 months alr so i take it as a touch up. I still have 3 sessions to ipl to go.. Ipl is a little more expensive at $600 for 6 sessions (or was it 8?) I’m happy to be hairless and seriously considering ipl-ing my whole body. Lolol

Sometimes when im feeling crazy i also take up her eye treatment session but honestly i dont think monthly sessions change my eyebags much. I still think buying a good eye cream makes a good investment and prevention. I’m so sick of people saying i look tired when sometimes i am not! I have bedroom eyes (i swear!) They always look like their closing.. and i do have dark circles because i dont sleep early. I need help with my eyes!! I need to get a good eye cream tomorrow and proper sleep which is.. impossible for me.

Lol, ok laters.


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