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Hair Problems : update

So this is Day 12. Here are my observations and really a NTS.. please don’t count on me to be the on-the-ball blogger about this, i’m really random and my blog is mostly me talking to myself. In no particular order…

1. Reduced ACV to 1 tablespoon to a regular glass of water this is because my hair smelled really bad in the drying phase that i had to blowdry most of the time. (Yup, smell disappeared once it dried) My boyfriend couldn’t stand it lol.. i found that reducing the ACV is just as effective and smells less.

2. Swapped Baking Soda to a Manuka Honey (1 teaspoon + 1 cup water) mix as a shampoo instead. Because…

Do not use baking soda to wash your hair

Perhaps because of the pH value of baking soda, hair doesn’t react well to it. Not all hair.. i know some people are advocates to the Baking soda method but suddenly changing the pH of the hair (alkaline to acidic) may cause my hair a whole lot of damage.

I use now…

ACV + Honey

My mom bought another brand of ACV but i think the one from Heinz worked fine. This one’s a bit more sensitive so its refrigerated mostly and its murky, compared to the clear Heinz one. The Manuka honey is also chilled.. far different texture compared to the one i got before in Auckland. But with this rating, i suppose it has better healing properties.

I was told (by mom who else) that drinking cool water mixed with ACV and raw honey has its benefits (summarized in a page!)

3. I’m still continuing to get used to this. I have read that the more your hair has gone through chemical treatments, the longer it would take to go back to its natural state. Thats.. Me, obviously. I think i might give it to about a month to see if its really helping. I’ve had a day at by the seaside and i didn’t react too well to the saltwater in the wind and my ends are sometimes dry… i use my usual oil to tame the ends. Also ordered coconut oil so…

4. On a good note, my hair has dropped less and it actually has volume without much help! 🙂

Air dried hair

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