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Hair problems.

My hair is fine, generally straight and  colour-damaged.

I don’t think i had hair problems in my youth. I do have greys but they weren’t an issue as it’s genetic so i couldn’t fix it internally and they were mostly hidden. I also love colouring my hair

I started dyeing my hair at 15 and bleaching at 16. I was addicted to it i think! I’ve bleached my whole head blonde (it lasted a good 1 mth i even bought a lighter eyebrow gel from MAC lol) and yet my hair wasn’t damaged at all. I must’ve been lucky? I have also permed my hair but because my hair was too stubborn, the curls didnt stay.

After i started flying and introduced to my best friend hairspray (strongest hold, no less) coupled with harsh styling because sometimes… the hair doesn’t listen, i started to have crazy hair issues. My hair was always tangled because they had a life of their own in my twist where they start to hold hands with each other. It was dry because of the spray and the environment i was always in and MOST of all i was the lazy arse who wouldn’t go for regular hair and scalp treatments. I actually had hair loss + dry damaged hair.

I paid for it because i spent a ton on Phyto first then Furterer shampoos, conditoners and treatments. I use hair oil (yucks) and i actually try to do scalp treatment often now. It burns a hole in my pocket but there’s nothing else i can do, right?

Also when i quit flying, i cut most of the hair off and i now have really short hair. Its been a year (hurray!) But i get even more addicted to dyeing and bleaching. Urgh. However!! I do notice that my hair is dropping less now. I know i may not recover all my hair growth but at least its improving. 🙂

So.. Yesterday, i decided to try (hastily) the ‘No Poo’ Method that I’ve been reading about on Pinterest. Basically there are 2 methods, (1) just washing with water and (2) the baking soda/apple cider vinegar way to clean your hair.

The water only method and review, I read them here

Day 1 i tried just water to wash my hair. It wasnt too bad as i washed my hair with shampoo and masked it the night before. It was great because my hair still had some of its oils and retained its body without being weighed down. In fact i air dried it and it wasnt going crazy on me because i am at that in-between length. I also noted that the water quality at home is pretty neutral, i have washed my hair with hard water in some countries and water that makes your hair gorgeous as hell!

It did feel a lil icky this morning so here’s Day 2 using the (2) method

My baking soda and ACV both bought at the trusty Sheng Shiong

So u need…

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
2. Baking Soda
3. 2 cups
4. Water and spoon to stir

Im still experimenting with the quatity of each ingredients but i guess most people say the half-half rule works fine. Today, i put about 2 tablespoons of baking soda and didnt fill up to the brim.

A little cloudy

i think i can do with more? This is the shampoo phase and its odourless.

The other solution though..

Acv + water

I added about 1/4 cup and filled the rest with water. I don’t think i needed a lot of this because this acts as the conditioner and helps if you have dry roots/hair. The baking soda solution was more for getting rid of grease and oil.

So in the shower, i poured the first solution bit by bit and massaged it into my hair and scalp. I’m not used to no lather and i didn’t know if my hair was clean. I didnt use much on the length of my hair because water should be enough.

Then i used the ACV solution as a conditioner. I tried to go sparingly on the roots and mostly on the whole length of my hair. The smell is something you need to get pass. I left it on for awhile and then rinsed it out thoroughly.

So i blow dried my hair today and it turned out really nice and soft! A little faint smell of the vinegar but its not unbearable.. I think i might continue this method but i dont think i do without my monthly treatments and at least a mask once a week? :/


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