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How I’ve been spending my leave (and found a gem)

This is honestly quite the long awaited leave but i decided against going for any trip this time because i thought i should just try to rest.

My mom came up with her masterplan to go to Batam. I think she was also worried about what i was going to do by myself. O mother!

I’m happy to oblige ! The accommodation + transport is cheaper (about $115/night at Nagoya Mansions and $38/person for the ferry ticket). We will also visit The Spa Secret. It will be my second time there and i absolutely LOVE that place.. This time though we didn’t book the spa package that comes with a body scrub, body steam, massage, a soak in the tub, and a few other things. I booked the hair spa instead and we both will go for a massage! 😄😄😄

Going to Batam also means, i get to eat seafood and buy really cheap stuff at the supermarket!

So i digress.

Thursday i was out for lunch at Ojolali with Lin and Fary instead of our usual spot at KGC. Lol. My favourite dish and the only thing i eat at Ojolali is the grilled catfish. Now before you give me a lecture on how catfishes eat corpses and shit, here’s a .gif because tell me something i havent already heard


(On another note, i love .gif images i think they are the best thing invented for 9gag and blogging)

Hahaha ok I’m not that mean, i promise. So yes catfishes have a mean reputation (refer to google: catfish) i got paranoid the first time i had it years ago but i saw a doctor but he said its completely fine, as long as you eat it in moderation as with other food. 🙂

I had fish again for dinner but i didnt mind it at all. We had fried fish soup with milk after what seems like years! Me and the bf loved the late–Tong Seng’s. The one at at Thohirah (old Alif coffeshop at Bkt Gombak) was really good! But i just found out it is a whooping 700kcal okay! Im shocked! (more on that in a future post hopefully!)

Fried fish soup with milk

Yesterday started out a little later than usual because we decided to go to JB in the evening to karaoke. Ha ha. I rarely karaoke as it is here because Cash Studio is really expensive and Teo Heng’s systems are not that friendly or awesome. But i do enjoy karaoke once in a while. So here’s the gem we were introduced to by Fahrul & Fana at JB CitySquare


It was quite a last minute thing because we decided to go at 2am the night before and Bai joined us after his work. The journey there was as expected, not as smooth but it wasn’t terrible or anything. We were just caught in the peak hour rush. Oh yes, we took the bus in. Haha. We took about an hour plus to get from Bukit Batok to the JB side of the causeway.

I liked that it was tucked away in a mall that was just next to the Checkpoint building. What’s more amazing is that they serve food and drinks!


Heres a screenshot of the pricelist. Dont know if it can expanded but here’s a summary of the pricing.

1. You pay according to the time block you enter and stay.
2. There is no limit to the hours you spend inside (they have 45rooms?) so you can come at noon and leave at 3am. LOL
3. Lunch/dinner/supper/snacks/2 drinks are provided (non alcohol)
4. The sound system is awesome and the song selection is pretty tricky but learnable in minutes.
5. I paid about 20SGD (slightly discounted as our friends had the membership which is also really affordable). Even without the discount I’m sure you shouldn’t expect to pay anything more than 30SGD?

We were there for about 4h plus we had buffet dinner + supper there omg.


Part of the buffet line.

I admit though, it is quite hard to eat and sing at the same time hahaha


I’m so glad they brought us here and im sure it won’t be the last time we go to Neway to sing. Heh. Til next time!


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