2014 · Work


Is finally getting confirmed in a job that I’ve trained so hard for. I’ve had sleepless nights, dreams of seeing flight “strips”, loss of appetite, gain of appetite, saying “affirm” to waiters after they’ve “read back” my food order and the list goes on. I probably went through a whole myriad of emotions at the same time.

For me, it is all very worth it. I think the job is noble, specific, and pretty cool if you ask me. Haha. What’s more, i work in a (quite) perfect schedule. Anything non office hour related is a dream for me. 1. I cant stand waking up in the early morning just to dress up, wear make up and do my hair up nicely for work. 2. I can’t be bothered to dress up for work. 3. I am up to my head about squeezing in the MRT with so many other people. I usually stand with the door about 1 inch from my face. Urgh.

Those are reasons enough for my decision to not go with the office hour flow. Plus corporate mumbo jumbo is not me. I love being hands on and acquiring skills that aren’t synonymous with “marketing”, “client”, “corporate bitch” you get my drift la.. i’m simple right?

I have to admit though that in the initial stage, it was quite a steep learning curve and i’m glad i put in the extra hours to wrap my head around the “stripboard”.. i can hardly go into details about my job but just know that safety is the air we breathe!

I obviously can’t take a picture of my workstation so here’s a photo i look off the AsiaOne website

Changi New ATC Centre, 2014, AsiaOne

I have God to thank first and foremost for giving me the capacity in the first place.. its true that we can only plan but He decides what’s best for us. My trainers (in school and at work!), and of course my parents for thinking my job is cool. Lol.

Here’s to another step into the future for me 🙂


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