20 things about me


It’s really all about me. Don’t roll your eyes on me now.

1. I am born on the 20th of April which makes me an Aries-Taurus cusp. I’m energetic, passionate, dominant and challenging. Hahaha

2. I am a left hander and i tend to write slanted.. like slanted head with slanted paper.

3. I am a recovering shopaholic. I have tons of shoes and clothes that i worn once or twice (or never). Most of them bought on impulse when im all alone in a foreign land….. sigh. i have sought to sell them away, pass them to my sister or donate them. Right now, i get death threats from my bf whenever i want to shop (only kidding!) But i do get a earful from him and my mom…

4. I love travelling. But im tired of doing it alone. I’ve stayed in 10$/night beds with people and in 5star hotels alone. Being alone sucks.

5. I have an excellent memory for details: words, colours, actions, but not really for the whole picture. You can count on me for remembering stuff!  (gossip?) But i do admit, flying and shift work does detoriarate memory. Its true..

6. If i am allowed to, i dream of having sleeve tattoos and all down my whole back. But i will not elaborate because i know i shouldn’t.

7. Although point number 6 exists in my life, i am actually quite old fashioned. I believe in respecting your elders even though they are in the wrong. (Just listen out first?) i always believe that nothing can buy you the experience someone much older has.

8. I had a nose piercing.

9. When i was young i wanted to marry by 25. Now, I’m happy with my space and i’m sure my bf does his. But soon, hopefully.

10. I wanted to be a Singapore Girl when I was in kindergarten. My parents brought us to Penang on SQ.. And i was amazed by everything that they did…. 90% of what I wasn’t when it was my turn though.

11. On the same flight, i cried because it was my first time on an aeroplane and i missed my grandmother so much already. I had severe separation anxiety and i still got them everytime i left home for a flight. (Work!) I felt like hell everytime someone sent me off to work too.

12. Right now, I’m in the OJT phase to be an air traffic controller. I pray this phase will be over soon and i’ll be fully rated and ready to work solo! My friends in SQ think im gg onboard to check their SEP license. . I wish!

13. I have an obsession with pin-up looks since i discovered the beauty that is Dita von Teese.

14. I hate wearing heels. I just can’t find the right ones. My feet is wider so peep toes hurt like mad.. i thought buying expensive heels will help but nooo, my Itti & Otto from Robinson’s worked like magic. Also, vaseline helped!

15. I cannot cycle even if my life depends on it.

16. I am a firm believe of loving yourself before others. And i also believe that personal happiness is more important than being in unhappy unions. Some people may disagree with me though..

17. I have had most hairstyles a girl could have. Pixie, bobs, blunt bangs, wispy bangs, red, blonde, long, straight and permed.. i even had a tail before :p I have only not shaved my head but im too old for all that now. I love experimenting with my hair.. it’ll grow!

18. I am halfway through my Quran. Something that i keep procrastinating on. Happy im doing something about it and finally finish it.

19. I have a resting bitch face but I am actually quite kental and fun (ahahahahaha) if you try to be my friend.

20. Some of my friends laugh when i try to speak “good” malay although i think i speak it better now. But i sometimes screw up the words like today i wanted to say tercampak but i said tercelampak. Also, with my late grandmother i used “saya” to say “me”. I speak to my ustazah in English and she replies to me in malay and i will mintak maaf cuz i cant explain some things in malay. Lol? Otherwise, i am a minah through and through

Til then!


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