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To go: travel list

So many places in the world that I’m dying to visit before i die. And all the wonderful work of Man and God that i have yet to see!

The one time that i “backpacked” (if you like) was to cover central Europe in a span of 2 weeks since it was the Easter holidays. I think we visited 7 cities? It was fun but i dont think I’ll do something like that again.. i now hate the idea of rushing for my train and having the thrill in wondering what we were gon do the day after and the day after. O we were young!

Everyone’s got their own favourites.. i don’t think i will ever appreciate Madrid as much as i did Barcelona which is why i skipped it altogether and spent 10days in Barcelona and Ibiza last year. Dont shoot me for this!

These are the cities/countries in Europe i have yet to visit and would love to visit. (Of course i will have my Asian and Americas editions)

Top 10 in my bucket list!

1. Back to Croatia, because i had such a great time in Zagreb. There were no other asians but the people were so friendly, there were not much staring and no shrill konichiwas and everything was cheaper than in London or Paris. I don’t know how it is right now but here’s a part of Croatia i missed out.

Zlatni Rat in Brač and a bit of Split

Croatia travel

I love beaches but Singapore’s pale by sooooo much compared to a thousand other beaches! Its like from 1 to 1000 list of beaches, Singapore’s is probably 1000th. You know it’s true… ask me to go sentosa and ill have so many reasons to say no but ask me to walk to Barceloneta, in a heartbeat, ill be there!

2. England, specifically Brighton Pier (i totally regret not going when i was in London because i was always either tired or shopping urgh) and maybe Scotland. I dont know much about Scotland except about Loch Ness but i would love to be in the countryside and just breathe.


3. Madeira, Portugal

Porto travel

I have not been so far South West in Europe but i would love to! Might be able to sneak Morocco into travel plans with Portugal right? 😉

4. Santorini

When i was in Athens a few years ago, the set and i were so excited to make it there but unfortunately it was Easter (bad luck me) and the only places that were not already fully booked were Mykonos and Paros. We eventually settled on Paros which is as beautiful but less lively.. and i know some people say once you see one island, you see them all. But i think Santorini has its own magic to offer.

Santorini travel

5. Norway, this i must do before i die over anywhere else!

Hammerfest northern lights


This makes me forget about the sun and the beaches because i just wanna be in the dark and cold for this!

6. St Petersburg

Travel advice 101

Ever since i watched Anastasia…! Moscow in my memory was really great even at minus 20 degrees. It was that cold that when we got to Houston, which was the next leg of the flight, i wasnt wearing my jacket at 12 degrees. I also enjoyed the history of Russia because i spent a semester in the Cold War (but what a back story)

I would love to see what remains of the Romanov empire 🙂

7. Made famous by Dracula, Vlad III and gypsies of Europe. Romania


It’ll be a dream to visit Transylvania and Bucharest. I heard so many things about this place and there is still an enchantment about this country.

8. Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte Corse (or Corsica) made it to my list! its a beautiful island off France with Italian influences. And because

Visit Corsica

I mean who brings their cows to the beach???? LOL

Apart from that Corse offers views of the mountains. 2 scenes in an island.. ideal right? But i can only imagine the rich in their yachts and all wearing their preppy flip flops with cashmere on their shoulders (i wear flip flops with a teeshirt)

9. Schwarzwald (Blackforest) in Germany

Looks like a scene out of a fairytale (sleeping beauty?) And ever since i saw the Neuschwanstein castle, it feels like it would be complete with a walk through the blackforest.


10. Finally my number 10 is Iceland!


*cues Earth Intruders*

Whats not to love about Iceland? Their language is supposedly the hardest on the world, their government is almost ideal and their views are breathtaking! Because those (and Björk) are the only things i know about Iceland, i dont really have specific place thay i think i should go to.. but we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it.



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