#shonilyas · 2014 · Life


So here I am pouring out my excitement for the years to come. I know that we can only plan and at the end of it it’s God who decides. Funny how I thought I had it planned when I was younger or when I thought my plans won’t be altered but I have no regrets… no regrets making my choices.

Everything went as planned until i finished JC to be honest. But getting out of the uniform system made me a bit fickle and unstable (lol) I had the option of going to SMU but I went ahead with NUS. I do wonder sometimes what it will be like cuz I really didnt enjoy my time there.. maybe it was the system or maybe it was just me. I also had the choice to sign on the dotted lines to be a teacher but I ended up going for my dream job… decisions decisions? These are just some rather important life decisions but in my late teens and early 20s, well, just read one of those 20 things to do when you are in your 20s Thought Catalogs la.

I also always thought I would be tying the knot early. Ha ha. I dont know why I thought this way but I was so serious on not having a big age gap between me and my child(ren). But I’m sure He knows best. Right now, I think maybe there is no need to settled down too early. Or to have children young because there is so much in life that I have not experienced. I’m not saying that people who settled down young have got to stop their lives for their spouse and family, I’m just saying its a different sort of adventure that we are embarking on. Right now I’m contented with no breakfast policy in my life, sleeping in and planning holidays that dont require the bassinet seat.

Of course I’m not saying I wont get there in the future but I realised that saving up for it is just as important. Eventually we will get our house (2017!) And by then I hope to finally.. settle down. I am my own woman and I will always stand by that. I shouldn’t have to rely on my (future) husband for anything (other than for love hahaha) and that whatever we own together, we put in our fair share. I’m proud for owning things that I own with my own hard work. And I am thankful for them. A little treat once in a while doesn’t hurt…

My boyfriend’s getting there too. Can’t deny the worries that I had before but I never had doubts. At the end of it, the support he has given me the whole almost 6 years, I have to give him back. I definitely have his back on this whole life thing. Maybe its the way he rationalizes with me. He just has a way of de-angering (nts: kinda like debarking) me. I can get really mad and then somehow we are ok. Is this one of those ways you know “he’s the one”??

I am at the end of my rant, in the mrt (wow, me) going for my morning shift after about 3h of sleep from last night. So… À Bientôt!


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