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Baby hair

When my bf got back from his Eurotrip, he brought back for me the Babyliss Bighair 42mm. I initially wanted to get the New Big Hair but I havent really gotten any consensus to whether we can use hair stylers or combs made with boar bristles. So I decided to look all over for the older version and I am extremely happy that instead of having to buy it online and have it sent to his accommodation in London, he found it for me at Debenhams.

How to use Babyliss Big Hair

Obviously since I was new to this experience, I had to watch a youtube video on how to actually use it. Looks pretty easy eh?

I was also a little worried that I might get my hair stuck on the bristles when I pull it but its all good, trust me. Lol

Also it says in the website that it works better with shorter layers which is perfect for me right now with my bob hair. Usage was pretty easy even on thr first try! But what I did was to blowdry my hair a little and add a few sprays of…


I got this from Chapter 2, I go there for my colouring and treatments (only because I have a package there..) its about $30+, a bit pricey I know but its really one of the more effective volumnizing product that I’ve tried. I am one of those girls who have tried mousse (too heavy), powder (too much tangles), sprays (damaging!), creams (not too bad but also heavy) Dont even talk about backcombing. Believe me nothing works as well as this spray.. its light, non sticky and safe to spray on the roots near the scalp. The effect though is not like your hair will be super poofy.. obviously. But it does add a bit of body, I even use it on days when I dont blowdry it… when its air dried there’s actually quite a good airy feel to it. Especially needed for a humid climate that we have! Amazing!

So, I usually blowdry until its almost dry and then ill switch to the Big Hair. Its really simple to use but at first it did irritate me a little.. the heat was too bear my scalp and it pulled out a few strands here and there but thats about it. After using it a few more times, I think im getting better at it.

one of the best hair days with Babyliss!

Also, another product I found (in Mustafa no less!) Was the Mythic Oil by L’Oréal — the one for color treated hair. Its supposed to have some UV protection for the hair, important so that color doesnt fade too fast and it keeps my hair proper. I’m serious! All I needed was one pump. Its non sticky too and doesn’t weigh down the hair of course.. I sometimes wish Singapore wasnt too humid.. its hard for any hairstyle to hold.

Mine's the color glow (pic from L'Oréal Professional)

I was looking back at how damaged my long hair was when I was flying.. the sprays and the harsh styling contributed obviously but… although my hair was sometimes frizzy and mostly tangled, it made it so much easier to style into a twist. When I had shorter hair and starting out, I found it hard to keep the style in place because it was too smooth (??) I dont know if its just me but textured hair holds better… straight smooth hair, doesnt. My hair also tends to be super straight and then when its longer, wave a little…

Sometimes I give up.

What should I do with my hair the next time around… I do miss my long hair but it takes so much effort. I guess it’ll be easier now.. my hair doesnt drop as much anymore thanks to no more twisting it and Furterer & Phyto (Good God I spend so much on my hair), and I mask / condition it almost every day because color treating it makes it prone to drying and damage duhh.

What to do, what to do….


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