2014 · Aidilfitri · Life

Raya .Gifs

My Google photo has this pretty cool function (Auto awesome) that edits my pics and create .GIF images..I cant really share them on fb or instagram though..



This series is from the jalan raya with Yati and Aisyah n partners! I love them!


Lol this was just an experiment I was having with the GoPro.


Jalan raya with the Geng.

I cant actually create them as well as the program does (pretty smart eh?). Another program I fiddled around with is Flipagram and im happy with some of the stuff I can do with it.

Also this whole raya has been nothing but fattening. I feel so miserable but this year surprisingly, I’ve attended many many open houses and almost every house I visit serves food. The worst part is, I did manage to lose some weight over the fasting month (and maybe I was a little stressed out at work). I need a damn detox to flush out the rubbish in my system and really take care of my diet now. Its not really all about the weight but I’m getting a little worried about my health too.. my insides are almost like a 50 year old. I’m always tired! 😦

I need to rethink my eating decisions

Decisions decisions decisions. Life of an adult.


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