#shonilyas · 2014 · Aidilfitri · Family · Love

Salam Aidilfitri!

This year’s hari raya was a lil different than the previous years. This year I was working in the afternoon shift over the weekend and I was bummed I couldnt help mom in the kitchen. Thank God for my sister and aunt who helped her out.

I did my part by keeping my room sparkling clean! And helped with the chores. It was fun! I enjoy every minute of rayapreppin.

Work however didn’t stop me from joining my friends to play some sparklers and (ahem) be rocket scientists.. 😉 although nothing big came out of it, I had fun! And I had my first and last burger ramly courtesy of Cheescake.


I slept for about 3 hours before having to get ready for raya visiting that day. As always breakfast is my mom’s sambal goreng (grandma’s recipe), ayam masak merah and aunty Merry’s rendang.


This was just the beginning of the many many many times I ate!!

The first house we visited was my great grandma who is blessed with a long long life.. She’s 2 years short of a century! While waiting for my sister and bil to arrive we took photos and ATE lol.


(Can I just say how much I 💖💖💖 my hair here! Mythic oil + tea tree lemon sage volume spray + babyliss bighair WORKS!)

We then parted to join my dad to visit my grand uncle. This year since my paternal grandma passed on, the arrangement was a little different. I felt sad and I know I will always miss my grandmas but i know, its always easier to accept death fully and not “over-mourn” the departed… even Islam taught me so. 🙂

More lontong/ketupat later…

We headed to my eldest uncle’s place at Yishun and spent some time there (here I had SOTO AYAM! LOL) before heading home to my mom’s.

We rested awhile and I swear I felt my skin crying from the make up. I was so tempted to just wash it all off. Thank God I had a big ass bottle of Avene’s face spray. MY LIFE SAVER since flying days! But my hair still looked good (heh) so I didnt do much to it.

Our last house was my ex neighbour from Holland days. So happy to see them after sooo long!

We were back home by 11pm and my house was full from the usuals (my grandmas relatives’ routine was to visit my place last) and my bf also won the most loving award for making it to my place that night. Every year he will try jis bestest to come and I’m glad that he does.. I managed to pass him some cakes and lauk and we chatted with my mom til late (night owl us!) I hope for the same every year. Its like our tradition already HEHE


SALAM AIDILFITRI DAN MAAF ZAHIR BATIN MY FRIENDS! Please forgive me if I ever hurt your feelings intentionally or unintentionally. And if you owe me money pls return cuz hutang is very serious ok!! 🙆🙆🙆


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