Relationships and others

Here’s just a thought that I have. I am big on karma and getting paid your dues. (Not that I’m completely perfect at all or speaking frm experience , but from whatever I’ve observed, this happens to be quite true)


This might have happen to some (on the receiving end or the cheater end). Even if it hasn’t happen, it must be weird to be in a relationship with a cheater, although you may even try to delude yourself that it may be true love.

Your partner cheated with you.

Sometimes people cannot live very long with the fact that they were the “home wrecker” and in turn feel their partner may do the same to them. That victory you felt when they left their partner for you is almost always shortlived or a lie that you tell yourself just because. It may even feel like an achievement.

Maybe after a while family and friends will try to tolerate and somehow accept you but how do you sleep every night years after, with the fear that it could be you on the losing end. A relationship that starts on the wrong foot, doesn’t get far.

Cheating nowadays is a loose term, open to interpretation. To you it might not have been cheating but leaving your partner with the intention (intended but muted) to be with someone else, is already considered cheating because that won’t be the reason you give for breaking up in the first place. In the end days of your relationship you find yourself giving weaker and weaker excuses to why you should leave your partner, but subconsciously you know why. You just want to be free to go with someone you think will offer you greener grass.

You cheat because your partner has cheated on you/with you. You see, cheating is a never ending cycle. But of course if you do make an honest man/woman out of one, good for you.

Just try be happy living with the idea.

For those who are in this situation, all the best of luck. You have no idea how many people are cursing at you day in and day out.


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