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Make up et moi (eyes primers)

My last make up post was about the face make-up i like..And this is on Eye primers that I have tried


image from Pinterest
image from Pinterest

Why you should prime your eyelids?

Like for your face, priming is important so that it evens out all the irregularities and flaws that are on the eyelids and at the same time, creating a smooth surface for your paintwork! Also, eyeshadows pop out more (good for vibrant color users or those who have trouble getting colors to show, like me) and most importantly be weather and sweat resistant. Also for people like me who live in a very humid, polluted environment and have an oily-combination skin.

As with face primers, eyelid primers also work the same…. use a little bit to go a long way 🙂

FREE (Part of your make up routine)

This is quite a fuss -free method but some people argue that you will need better quality shadows to have the same effect (i.e heavily pigmented eyeshadows) as when you use a primer. Also for lazy days when all you need to do is.

1. Apply your foundation all over the face and blend some on the eyelids (liquid on first before concealer and vice versa)

2. Apply concealer on the eyelid, make sure you cancel out the dark circles (Also, try to pick an eye concealer that is 1-2 tones fairer then your skin tone)

3. Set with loose powder to create the “blankest” canvas for the eyeshadow

For me this method requires me to layer on a little bit more eyeshadow than I normally would and because of that i spend a longer time blending them in. And i worry about oxidation because of Singapore’s climate and my sweaty lids LOL

SAVE $ ($7-$10 depending on where you get them)

Nyx Eyeshadow Base

I got this a while back from my sister and I was a little skeptical at first. but this product works wonders! I got the one in white which scares me even more but the thing about applying it all over the lid, the more u blend it out the more adapted to your skin tone it will be. It also brightens the eyelid so they are really clear canvases when you start your eye make-up. Proven when I was flying! I used to apply blue shadow and I do have trouble getting the color to pop. but this primer really helps in that department. Blue usually oxidize and turn a grey after long hours but this holds the color, making it more striking and resistant to eyelid oils and oxidation (I am sure you can relate to this, lol) Although the pot looks small, this thing can last a really long long time because you only need a bit of it! And also, because of its creamy texture, i found that it prevents fall-outs pretty effectively rather than having to do this or this

A big plus point about this product is that it won Temptalia’s Editors Choice Award for Best Budget Eyeshadow Primer for pretty much all the years before (except 2012 it seems)

SPLURGE $$$ ($20-$30++ depending on where you get it)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I got a trial size of this product as part of the Beauty Blogger Darlings from Sephora.  I think it was only about $30 SGD? I don’t know how much more effective this is compared to the Nyx one (because i don’t have a problem with eyelid crease yet….) The consistency is more liquid and blends pretty easily.. I just pat them on. It is really colorless once its on your eyelids. What is boasts is 24-h stay and Waterproofing your eyelids. Which is a good deal if your eyeshadow is good too.. Honestly, I don’t think I will get the full size for this one.

What I would like to try


And the winner of Temptalia’s Best High-end Eyeshadow Primer

Heard so much about this…. I’ll get it once i run out!


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