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Ramadan Mubarak!

Not my image 🙂

Well it is the time of the year again and I am thankful to God for it 🙂 I found some tips to keep healthy in Ramadhan! (also a NTS)

Healthy Ramadan

Here’s a gist of the page

Do not feast

– You may end up not losing weight (if that is what we are looking for), Instead take it slow and try eating food that will keep you fuller for longer (like bread and cereals) during Sahur and do not take too much too fast when you break fast. This may lead to heartburn!

Choose healthier, wholesome food.

– Duh, even without the fasting month but who sticks by this rule? Stay away from food that are too spicy, deep fried cuz you’ll probably end up sick and may develop ulcers in the stomach

If you are a diabetic, it’s probably better so seek advise from you doctor, if you are able to fast or not.

– Low blood sugar (hypo) may lead to fits, fainting spells and should always pay special attention to this symptoms! Same goes if you are required to take medication during the daylight hours. Health is still more important. I am sure God will help those who help themselves. 

Harder to stay hydrated

– When able, drink as much water as you can, and if necessary get a sports drink to replenish the loss of salts and water you need.


There are tons of other guides/FAQs/tips page that you can refer to, to make Ramadan physically enjoyable.

Part 2 of NTS

Forgive and forget, literally — those who have hurt me. Or an easier way for me honestly, would be just to cut them out of my life and sooner or later i will just forget them. Its always easier to just forget. and ignoring it long enough might help. Of course this goes both ways, for me to say sorry and then move on, with or without them because who needs all the negative people in your life at this age? I used to think i should be nice and let people push their luck with me but one day i realized there was no point trying to please the whole world and end up unhappy. You see, forgiveness does not mean things go back to the way they once were, sometimes forgiveness mean “Thanks for taking me around the moon, now its time for me to go home. without you” Do i even make sense at this point?

I am not one who eagerly make friends tbh and i am not interested in fighting to keep friends who do not appreciate the friendship we have. I guess we all get like this when we are older. I mean, what’s the point of having so many friends to like your pictures on instagram or to follow the trends that you “start”? I get if you live on this sort of thing.. So.. who is really there for you? I would say maybe you can count with a hand (or two if you’re lucky like me heh) Also, cut the negative people in your life out, if seeing this person makes you sick and tired and this person has no appreciation of you as a person and makes you feel shit, leave. 

Be a better person (the same aspiration every Ramadan and I have to say every year, there’s something in my personality or habits that has improved)

And i should also be honest with myself. If i like it, i like it and if i don’t, i will not act otherwise.

Stop being so bitter, as I have always been. I used to be a pessimist but lately i guess i became a realist. It took my boyfriend all of 5 1/2 years to convince me to be more optimistic in life but you know how it is….

With that my dear friends, Happy fasting and beramal ibadah. Let’s do good and do our best for the sake of Him. Sometimes you gotta live and let God.




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