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KL: food for the soul








And so it begins the next travel episode of May (I know how overdue this is). Yati and I managed to book a really cheap flight + accommodation. We left really early in the morning and landed in KLIA2 before noon before taking the express train (costly but worth it) to KL central.

I got a lil confused finding the apartment that we stayed at. I’m not gon write on it because there is really nothing to write about. Let’s just say we only needed a bed and warm water (and air-conditioning)

So here’s the first stop…

1. ACME BAR (The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur)

Truffled Root Veggies, Mushroom soup and Salted egg Chix
The Other Pavlova

Apologies I know my photo quality is questionable and I really cant be bothered to add filter to these pictures.

This was the second time i visited ABC and boy i wasn’t disappointed. The truffled roots are still my favorite and the “other” pavlova is a must have if you are a sweet tooth. 2 of us shared all of these. It was meant to be a light meal :p A little pricey but worth going and I recommend going in the evening and outdoor seating. This isn’t overrated at all.. Maybe because were there on a weekday afternoon and business people held casual meetings there.

Also from what i gathered, their pasta is good too!

2. Gyu-Kaku (1-Utama, Publika, Tropicana City Mall)


I couldn’t find a halal version in Singapore so this was next to heaven for me! Also a pretty light dinner (no carbs guys lol) we had beef, beef, and chicken (Oh and a kimchi soup that my friends didn’t like but i do!)

The beef was really good and we can cook it to our liking. Non messy and great service too. We went to the one at Publika and i was surprised at how big that place was. The last time I was there, I only had Wondermilk and didn’t really explore the rest of this place. Definitely coming back here with an emptier stomach!


3. The Apartment (Lot 72, 73 & 74 Ground Floor, Western Courtyard. The Curve Shopping Centre Mutiara Damansara)


More sweets for my sweet. We left for The Curve (swanky neighbourhoodies) and settled for The Apartment for desserts and coffee. What do I say about this place? Awesome coffee (I HAD TWO) and a pretty standard cafe-bistro-resto menu. But I love it all the same. I don’t eat food like this back here in SG (read: not a cafe hunter sorry) so its good to have a break once in a while.

4. Tous Les Jours (Wolo, 126 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang)

A Parisien-themed Korean bakery that I instantly fell in love with at first bite. Nothing short of awesome! I recommend the SAUSAGE DONUT! and the Gruyere Cheese Melt Sandwich from the hot menu. Unforgettable! Plus points for having my must-have Caramel Macchiato



5. Ben’s (Pavillion Bukit Bintang)

Honestly, I havent got much to rave about at Ben’s. But maybe because i wasnt hungry and all we wanted was to catch up with some friends. The only thing i enjoyed was the cake. Let me know if there is anything good so i can try it the next time!

Tea Party

6. Tony Roma’s (NU Sentral Mall)

Lastly, we had dinner at the BEST PLACE EVER.

Again another one that i cannot go to in SG because its not halal here. So i made it a point to at least try. (Yes, this is my first time eating here) I love it and the mash that came with it was just right, wasnt too creamy! The meat melts in your mouth (I am not kidding here). Yati and I shared a full rack and it was just nice for us. Maybe because we kept eating we ended up never really hungry.

imageAll i can say is Alhamdulilah 🙂



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