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Travel; realising I need wings

After almost 8 months of getting back on the ground, I keep getting restless. I need a break every once in a while. It’s not like I’m dying to get out but I do find myself day dreaming about the next trip and the next and the next…

Initially I planned to join the others in Europe but work didnt allow me to 😦 its alright I’m sure there are other chances to. and other places I’m waiting to explore!

Anyway I took the short leave to go for little trips to Batam , Taipei and KL.

Batam was a short weekend with my mom, aunt and grandfather. It was right after the final assessment IMAGINE MY STRESS. I kept thinking about what my results would be like and I was glad my sister sent me off at Hbfront. I had Aspirasi (super nice!) chicken rice and we chat a little bit about her new life as a wife. lol!

In the ferry i told myself to snap out of the stress. That moment, I decided to let myself go and not worry about my results since it was over. The real worrying can come again when we get the results. That Friday night the rest who were there earlier in the day picked me up from the ferry terminal and we went back to the hotel. Awesome is the king sized bed! HEH. I don’t have an impression of the hotel because it was normal, nothing bad and nothing special about it. As any other hotels in Batam, I assume?

The next day…


Seeing miniature homes of the different races of Indonesia.

The highlight of the trip was going to an old Vietnamese refugee camp (Who knew?). You know how people who went to Batam were just out to chill and relax, maybe shop a little. It was great travelling through the little islands that were linked by bridges. they might wanna make one all the way to Tanjung Pinang. So far!



The centre of the refugee was a memorial/cemetery. Every year, relatives still come to visit this place.

We did a little food shopping at Nagoya and decided to buy lots of Indomie. I know it’s bad but every once in a while I love a nice bowl of msg-soup. HEH.

And of course the SPA! I enjoyed it so much! We went to Spa Secret which was opposite Nagoya Mall and I took the Honey themed spa. (they have so many!).. My mom and aunty took the traditional Balinese or Javanese. All the spa packages were a little less than $100 for 3.5h of spa. Cheap! and worth it. so glad I decided to go on that trip.. I love massages! Here’s where my post is going to centre on…


I know this is a terrible photo and does not do justice to the actual thing but I couldn’t do much with my feet in a bowl of warm water and dim lighting.

I had such an amazing experience there. There may be people who have mixed reviews about it but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, I guess sometimes a few bad reviews don’t spoil it all.

As usual every time I go for massage I get told I have a lot of “wind” in my body. I honestly don’t know why I have it. Could it be late night showers? or diet? I hope to find out what’s the cause of it and get rid of it. The scrub was awesome too just because! (Its a girls thing!) 😉 I spent some time in the steam seat and it felt good getting rid of water retention.

I also tried ear candling. I’m not sure about this but I think there isn’t any effect.. hah. I think its just a fad. Also read that it may be harmful but honestly I think there wasn’t anything done?

I had a quick soak in the jacuzzi (I get pruny quickly!) and then shower! To finish off, the package had a complimentary drink, and since I took the honey package, I had a hot honey lemon. YUMMS.

The next day I felt well rested and my skin had no itch or adverse reaction. which is good because I have sensitive skin! Overall I think I had a good experience. it was value for $$ and I would think the products were quite friendly to people like me 🙂

The food I had there were good also.. I tried Es Teler there, it was almost like Singapore’s. Just cheaper and slightly better. And managed to do some shopping before heading back. Oh, how can I forget the J.co we brought back. Why is everything in Singapore so Expensive!

Lol I didnt know there are so many things to say about Batam! 🙂


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