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This post is dedicated to all the work I have done. heh. I really enjoy working more than studying. I had the least enjoyable time in NUS.. I guess it was because of my lack in participation with whatever cca or enrolling in a cooler course (anything is cooler than EU studies I think?) I had zero discipline and needless to say zero stress throughout. They even sent me on exchange to Grenoble. ha ha. Of course I was not the best in what I did but my aim then was to get through it all. And that was exactly what I did. The only time I felt a little stressed up was probably a few weeks before the finals. I loved writing essays and doing projects more than the actual studying.

I have worked since I was 16. I did not go into any 3 months pre-jc course as most of my jc counterparts did. I was surprised? It wasn’t like I needed to support myself at that time but I don’t know why I was so ready to work.

My first job was with Canadian Pizza (*everyone laugh now!*) and what I did was to answer calls and take orders. it was fun! I was based in Orchard so I could hear all sorts of foreign accents. Believe me I don’t even know how the system worked then. I was also in charge of preparing the money bag for the riders. it was an easy temporary job that I took up with my friend from secondary school as a favour to her friend or something. work was so informal there! pay was in cash terms (and low). well a 16 year old didn’t need much. besides, being 15min from home by bus was not a bad deal.

My favourite from CP was the meat lovers!


Second job I had was my favourite job as a kid! I loved make up and cosmetics but I never did took up a MUA course. I don’t think I need it cuz I like watching and learning trial and error… (esp Kandee Johnson’s) and.. it cost a bomb for me then. I might consider it next time.

I worked with Lancome under L’Oréal Singapore. God knows how hard was it to find out how to get a job there. I finally just asked somebody how to go about it. It was super fun. We went through a one-day training and then we were all deployed to different counters. (we were all part timers) oh and I had to thank my lucky stars for being with Lancome. I learnt A LOT. This job was also where I found out that Lancome was the ”
make up “supplier” and training provider for SQ. a few girls who joined with me at that time were vying to enter the airlines.

Work was super interesting. I learned sales, the importance of housekeeping, customer service, commission earning, to some extent hustling (lol) and how to improve my make up. I had colleagues who were older and who had no qualms on teaching a noob what they know. I was with a mature crowd and it was great. I actually did something I enjoyed and I didn’t even mind the weekends I had to slave. Salary for a teenager was decent. 🙂

I had to say goodbye to go to JC in April (another adventure on its own, think dyed hair in a pool of black and being shamed publicly)

I still maintained contact with employer and after A levels I was back in L’Oréal Sg, this time with Maybelline first and then Lancome took me back throughout my Uni days. Maybelline was a different ball game, commission and targets smaller, target crowd was bigger and I didn’t even think they needed to have someone to promote anything. well…

I preferred it back in Lancome anytime. especially when my longest time was with Takashimaya’s counter.


I also did some tutoring but YAWNS. hahaha. My favourite student was a girl from RGS. She was so independent and I enjoyed her company.. and I cant believe I taught her for almost 4 years!

The next job started out like this…

I was on holidays on what was my last semester. and I went into the SQ website to look for a proper job. like you know.. OL jobs. lol. I was filling in an online application for a Generalist Appt when I suddenly thought how about being a crew?

I am sure every girl has seen the Singapore Girl at the airport. In my case, I’ve been seeing them since I was a toddler while fetching my mom from the airport often. and in a KL flight my parents brought us on, I saw the most beautiful stewardess and a 6 year old me decided instantly. I gave the idea a miss a few times because I had some skin issues which I had to go to the doctor for to fix. (im only human) I guess at that point in front of the laptop, I felt like it was either do or forget it.


well I went and I did get the job. I came and I left after I felt that it was enough. at a good age of 25, I’m happy to have fulfilled my dreams. 🙂 I don’t miss the job but I miss the food and the nice people you get to meet. I remember feeling anxious in the beginning to being anxious on whether I am working in business class that flight (because it was much easier, trust me) I hated the packing and the quiet walks I had to take to control during the weekend nights, quiet nights in hotel rooms. it was sad leaving home sometimes. after some time, I realized I couldn’t do it anymore and there was no improvement in how I felt. Of course these are just… reasons. In retrospect, I’m glad I did it because it helped me grow in many many ways.

I sound like I matured too early in life.


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