2014 · Family

April deals the best (and worst) cards trois.

OK so this is really overdue now. In this edition (lol macam paham) I’ll tell you why it dealt the worst cards. But this is going to be a short one.

My dear grandmother left us. the only grandmother I am left with. Just a few days after my sister’s wedding 😦 I got a call when I was preparing for another round of practice at the simulator.. early at 10am and I rushed to her home. The only time I cried was when I hugged my dad. I was really sad for him and having gone through the same situation with my other grandma, I found myself not showing too much emotion and helped as much as I could around home. I just wanted to be there for him.

It was exhausting but I made it through that day fine. and.. made it to work the next day. I am grateful to everyone at work too for their well wishes and contribution. 🙂 and for the family who were always ready to help out in times of need. I’m sure my dad was gonna do alright.

I can’t deny that it was sudden and shocked me even.. but as always death is not one who comes announced all the time. My maternal grandmother went the same way, shocking us all. It is a consolation to us that they left us peacefully in their sleep. And I always pray that they have better lives in the afterlife. I also believe that the bright side to death is that you leave behind all the pains and sins of life on earth.. I pray that the death of our loved ones be accepted by God and that we should let Him take it from there.

Live and let God.


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