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April deals the best (and worst) cards deux

April also saw us through my sister’s wedding. It was super!

Planning goes back 2 years ago when she already had most of her vendors in mind. Thank God for her, they all had free slots for her date. And the real work started on a Friday evening, her henna night. Simple affair (no hen’s party though, which was great) with the key people involved. great henna artists’ work and guess who was the hiccup fixer? me. (ok… initially) I won’t go into that because we were having too much fun to fuss over the little things.. right? The food was great too! My aunt cooked beef soup (Thaksin!) and the night ran until pretty late.

snippet of the henna night!

On the eve, my sister had other bridal stuff to do while i attended another wedding myself and mom tended to the princess lol. That day also saw me running around! from a wedding to home to attend to guests to going to the wedding venue (Ulu Pandan cc) to assist in the final prep! Thank goodness I had B with me. Here’s what I did…


HEH and ate somemore! my aunt cooked again! This time it was super yummy Ayam Penyet. I slept really late and I don’t even know how I made it through the weekend.. I didnt even take leave! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The morning of the wedding was a blur.ย Got up early to pray and doll up! everyone had stuff to do. Mom and I got the gorgeous Shidah to make us up. I love love the look (think pin-up) ever since the day she offered to try it out on me. Although I think my hair didn’t go with the look, I’m still happy with the way it turned out. Her hands were like magic! on mom too. It was a mad rush but I enjoyed every moment of it.

The solemnization went smoothly, Alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a quick one!


Beautifully done dais. My sister wanted the “enchanted forest” theme and had part of her dais customized. Jannah from Daun is really good at this! ๐Ÿ™‚ the hall was nicely decorated and everything was just.. beautiful. Here’s when the work begins!

I was tasked at being the one who managed the timing of the the events that were happening together with B and the groom’s brother. it was fun! ran around quite a bit, made time for the guests.. I only dont remember slowly eating my meal (as I like.)

ok here’s where I have to complain. its either about my anatomy (FEET) OR the shoes. it was probably the shoes because smart me decided it was finally time for my Louboutins to see the world. what a mistake that was! Or that my feet just cannot take heels. I always find the front of my feet (toes especially) hurting like mad! I was thinking why did I spend a bomb on these shoes? Granted they made my feet look great and its Louboutins! still love it and I will try again. The sad thing about it is the mark it made when you start walking in them. I know the red soles will be disfigured but yea.. cant be too protective about everything. lol

so carrying onto the party of the weekend! The wedding reception was fun:) had a lot of fun coordinating and well some things cannot be planned.. im glad for spontaneous family members and hardworking people who did a good job. Good music and good company to top it all off!


it was a beautiful wedding! I cant wait for the official pictures by Studiodua. Again, another amazing duo working together!


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