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April deals the best (and worst) cards

and I still love April. For obvious reasons. This year was extra special because I finally returned home. it feels good to be back and start afresh. My room is new (Thanks mom!) and I love how it is. Mom randomly bought a Square Rooms magazine and flipped to a page that was an inspiration to my current room. And then I looked on the internet and my all time favourite app, Pinterest, for more ideas


I wanted something like this. Well at the same time my sister’s wedding was around the corner so the renovations had to be quick. Along with other works my mom had in mind for the living room and some refurbishing to be done to the kitchen and toilet, the whole works took about 2 weeks to complete. amazing!!

I had in mind a nice striped pink curtain (think VS) but the curtains people didnt have that sort of fabric and we were in quite a rush so I decided to go with a toned down peach-pink with less contrasting stripes for now. and maybe next year I will get my curtains. :p

Right now its a bonus I get to see my clothes like I’m shopping everyday LOL. and I have a nice dresser (with an electrical source and spotlight). I have a ton of toiletries and beauty product so the storage behind the mirror is amazing. AND the row of cabinets that stretches upwards to the ceiling is a genius space saving idea. (read: Square Rooms) Of course now my bed is smaller but the best part of this? My bedroom is spacious now. and cleaning is no longer a chore! The only thing I havent done is to finish decorating it with picture frames.

The worst part of all this was the mad rush that I had to go through. Amidst the assessments I was undergoing at work, I had to pack my stuff from my late grandma’s to my moms. it wad challenging in many ways. of course it felt like I had no time to pack everything and no time for anything else. Frustrating but thank goodness it was quick and not as painful as I thought.


This was the first day. No doors yet to the cabinets and no mirror was installed for my dresser. My curtain wasnt ready as well. and those are just a fraction of all my clothes. Zz mom banned me from buying anymore for at least 2 years. Ha ha.


This was a quick one too! can’t really see the fabric of my curtain here but well this is how it looked before I unpacked my dresser.

On another wall space, I enjoyed decorating the top of my chest of drawers with collages and trinkets I collected.


after a few days I decided to add another frame on the right side to make it look more complete so basically its a whole stretch of stuff I collected. I love vintage things and era photography (20’s-50’s mostly)

The only thing I need to keep up with is, to make sure my room’s clean. I’m in good hands I’m sure šŸ™‚


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