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Make up et moi (face)

I love make up. I don’t always doll myself up but I’ve always had interest in it. back in 2004 (after my o levels) I loved it so much I got myself a job with Lancome. it was hard to find out exactly where to get the job but I did it! it was like the greatest achievement at that time (dont judge me!) more abt it another time lah.

Here’s a list of my all time favourite face make up, trust me I’ve trial-ed and error-ed (indeed) on make up.. It’s like a hobby. It’s hard to find make up that’s perfect for your skin.. unless you have flawless and normal skin, you’ll find yourself constantly looking for reviews and the “best” products only to be disappointed sometimes.

my skin type : combination. its oily on the tzone and dry on the uzone, tanned, and beautician says its thin (??) that explains the little capillaries you can see. I’m sensitive to clogging agents (esp myristic acid)

1. Foundation


My favourite ever is Teint Idole Ultra 24h by Lancome. it has made its come back in Singapore by the name of Mat Miracle (a BA insisted that teint miracle was the replacement but I was so pissed it wasn’t!) it’s oil free, provides good coverage for me and extremely long lasting… 24h with no need to powder my face? its a blessing! I am lazy like that. This is amazingly matte but at the same time adds a bit of radiance without needing a “dewy” finish. sorry guys, I’m not a fan of shiny faces. In Singapore shine = oily faces. Its hard to pull off a Laneige dewy face.. although i am interested to try that one day.

Teint Idole was perfect… With a good base of course: Bare Minerals!!!

In the absence of Teint Idole here, I am lucky to be able to get it overseas (Boots!). Now that I’ve stopped flying I also hardly wear liquid foundation because I don’t think I need that much of a high coverage and long hours with make up on anymore. I might try the Mat Miracle if I run out of my last bottle. I hope it’s as convenient to put on (very easily blended in with fingers and just tap and build on to act as a concealor) Also, a bottle can last me a long long time I only need about one pump each time.

Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation caked up for me and made me look like I had a mask on. also surprisingly hard to cover problem areas. I had a problem of putting on too much in the end.

Last year while shopping in SFO. I came across a BareMinerals store. I’ve not seen one in Sg so I decided to go in. I have tried their wonderful base and thought maybe I should give their make up a go too.. at that time I was so used to wearing liquid foundation that I was skeptical of how much can a powder foundation cover and how long can it last…

I made a decision to get this starter kit!


skeptical, I was. I heard many reviews if mineral make up being a potential clogger and does not provide good coverage. I got this really on impulse and because it was value for money. (HAHA!) Set comes with their magical base (I’ve been a fan since 2010!) 3 brushes and 3 powders. its easier to apply than you think but for me getting the Ready foundation because I was curious on figuring out that non matte look. it is convenient to carry around but sometimes I feel like my skin is oily when its not actually… adjusting well still. it also increases moisture to my sometimea dehydrated skin! also available in Original and Matte which are in loose powder form. Ready comes in a compact.

Application is easy and coverage is customizable, love it and right now I like using it more than my liquid foundation 🙂

Loose or compact powder
Currently on the Bareminerals matifying loose powder. Enough said about that one. its so good! and its really colorless so you can put it on no matter what shade you are. even without any make up on because its basically for matifying purposes. what I really need. I used to skip this part but I figured it’s important to set my make up and mattify my face.

Other brands I’ve tried are Laura Mercier’s which was pretty good but not as mattifying as I would like..

This is another important thing to me! I have a serious problem with dark circles and blemishes that cannot be covered fully with just foundation (actually 75% of marks can be concealed with a gd foundation!) There are two that I reaaaally like.

The first one was a discovery before I started training with SQ. its aptly named Covermark.


The Basic formula is really a foundation in a cream form. perfect for heavy/full coverage but its doesn’t leave a light patch on your skin. easily applied with the sponge that you need to get. I loved this so much! I might buy it again when I’m done with my current (other) one. Plus one pot can last me a really really long time because i only need a little bit for extreme cover. it is also waterproof that makes it great but removing it is not simple. You can’t just use soap and water for this one.. but I dont mind. The only setback was that there is only one counter left in Singapore and it is at Takashimaya.

Another brand of concealer which I like and using now is Amazing Concealer


Comes in like 20 shades! its full coverage is simply achieved for me by using my fingers to blend instead (it takes longer than covermark) but the effect it has after is amazing. it has a natural finish (of course after patting it down with my powder foundation) and does a great job for long wearing. the only problem I had was since it came in a tube sometimes I squeeze too much out.

So.. that pretty much sums up my face make up. the important thing really is to prime the face (with a good sunblock too).. I like Kiehls sunblock and bb cream combo with Bare Minerals original primer. The last product that isnt very necessary but good to have is a setting spray. I would recommend Urban Decay range of sprays but I bought a cheap one from Nyx. it does its job but.. using it two days in a row causes me to have red patches.

That’s it folks!


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