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b r e a t h e

Every hour everyday seems to go by slowly but when I look back.. January flew by just like that. I don’t recollect anything significantly disturbing last month but I felt a little careless with habits that usually irritates my bf;  taking pictures of my meals and constantly checking instagram or Facebook. It’s either I’ve grown to be less of a social network whore or I simply have no time.

Well I did fall sick. And I remembered how it was to fall really ill. hated it. How is it that I don’t fall sick when the occasion calls for it? (lol) it started out in the theatres one weeknight.. I couldn’t concentrate on Her and ended up feeling the chills. walked ard Orchard rd in my bfs pullover, couldn’t give a shit abt how I looked (its a skill I picked up over the mths since I quit flying but its not like im an eyesore ok?) and then the next day, developed a fever in the evening. But I was glad all it took me was a 10h sleep and 2 panadol extras. Boy, it was great to start being my usual self rather than the silencer3000. Extra glad that I wasn’t in an aircraft breathing dirty dry air and having my ears blocked and bla and bla.

Work has been challenging. I never had to learn so much in so little time. but I am glad that I learn a lot everyday and actually am doing quite alright. its still early to say but I hope I pull through this. I hope everyone does. I made so many meaningful friendships with these people! the downside is that I get so tired every freaking day I dont even want to stay out after work. all I wanna do is go home and sleep. seriously. 

This month I probably have to start packing my room and get ready to move back into my mom’s after my sister’s wedding. still undecided if I should install built in wardrobes and give the room a makeover or just use whatever I have. mom’s feeling generous but not sure if I will do it since my new place will be ready in 3 years or so. its gon be a tiring month or two. so many events coming around in the next 2 – 3 months! I feel like I should go for a holiday after!


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Oh, valentine’s day is around the corner. obviously there will be gifts for me. HAHAHAHA

Why dont I have anything interesting to blog about?


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