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Opening 2014 (and a bit of December)

I welcomed 2014 at a fun (cuz it was free, courtesy of my dad) countdown party! Siloso Beach Party was so much better than the previous year and this time we really explored the other areas! What mattered most was the company we had that night 😀


obviously it was crowded and what it a lot worse was that I was in the gym earlier that day and didnt have time to rest 😦 by 3am I was zoning out and I really did not like all the drunks going around.

A few days prior to that I celebrated the boyfriend’s birthday! Once with the usuals and one more day when I surprised him with a cable car dinner. (It was more for the experience rather than the food though…) Super happy that everything that was planned from the buffet to the gift to the cake! Everything was perfect..

This year it was a little hard to plan it cuz he put in soo much effort trying to put together mine this year. Honestly, I was wrecking my brains… lol.


Spent the first days of 2014 at what will be my new workplace… its overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.. I tried to absorb as much as I could.. trying hard to memorize many things. It can get draining but I’m sure once I get it, it’ll be A LOT easier. Im going to try my best to keep positive and determined. And hopefully this will be.. it.

I also hope that this year my wishlists and resolutions that I have been meaning to keep, will be easy to achieve. Last year I got started on my resolutions and this year, ill try to keep up with them.

happy 2014 everyone and I hope this year brings many many achievements and great moments to remember forever!


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