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It’s been some time now —

I’ve been the busiest bee out there having fun! (not 100% true)

Apart from the everyday training, that I attended my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding (also a very exciting hen’s night) and i got streamed into procedural (area) control and inshaAllah I will be embarking on a new path in 2014 and hopefully for a long long time. In between it all we celebrate new relationships and love. oh how can I forget, falling sick in between.

I’ve been doing pretty great.


This year I’ve been attending weddings as much as I go shopping! It may be the age… but recently my bf’s brother got married and I was invited to the hen’s party for girl’s side. What sets this apart was not the fact that it was held at home or the henna service (which was gorgeous!). It was really a special segment that made it all an enjoyable experience.

The BTB invited a special guest, an Ustazah to speak on Love In Islam. I’d have to say as much as maybe I know this deep inside, I had my eyes opened when I found that love should really be for the sake of Allah.

The wedding itself was super fun! But have I ever survived a good wedding/love story without tears? Nope I have flood gates for eyes!! Here the usuals doing our thang on the dais!



Prior to the wedding, the boyfriend and I celebrated our 5th year.. well it was really a simple affair. But I was happy.. the good food from East Coast Lagoon made it all right (we had seats too thank God!). Our gifts were pretty simple too.. I got a charm for my bracelet and a safety chain, exactly what I needed and he got the wallet he wanted needed. Heh:)


😉 im happy he found the wallet he’s been wanting!


Other than that i’ve been having fun at work. I cant believe that the theory portion or the primary course is near over. Obviously im the one with some separation anxiety. I feel a weird mix of sad and excited. Pray I don’t barf….. :p I’ve grown close to these people, it may be a big group of us but im glad I’ve gotten to know everyone!

Also the idea of studying non stop was tiring but it felt great once we finish a paper and spend days having too much fun, not joking! Days with them are the greatest!

So to area/procedural control I will go. I pray that I will learn more and more. Its a whole new world for me… theres a whole lot of airspace to know.



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