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Resolution – saving more.


Here’s something I can hardly keep to. There’s always something to pay for.. education loans, phone bills, internet bill, insurance etc. There is always something waiting, strangely, right after payday.

Aaaand I feel very adult now (money in money out). Its not a good thing anymore. You know how in the past you always want to grow up.. But I think saving can be done slowly and sometimes painfully. I noticed how the “small” things spent on can add up… I do feel that sometimes I’m hard on myself but its better to feel the pinch now than during a great emergency later. Besides i’m also saving for the neater things in life but that has to wait.

Priorities need to be set. Goals when it comes to saving. I know I hardly saved for the emergency funds in the past because I didnt feel like I needed it. 😦 I just thank the stars I didnt have any of those.

I have a few bad habits to get rid of. Slowly… I think I can! Heh. Some of the bad $ habits that I keep are… expensive coffees, (I better limit myself), online shopping (click, click), signing up for hair, nails, beauty packages but ended up with no time to go for (I always think it will come in handy lol). It seems that my weakness is on lifestyle services. I can’t say I shop for material goods often, I prefer to invest in personal well being. Oh how can I forget holidays. I’m a sucker for travelling (hopefully the road less travelled since my flying job didnt allow me to see much)

So, in 2014 that’s coming up. I should save more.


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