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Sleeping in on weekends?

Well! I had one of the best weekends and I think it has got to do with the movies I caught and the company I kept. My weekend starts from Friday generally. .. right after work to be exact. So last Friday the whole group of us trainees had a bbq get-together. We also celebrated the birthdays of our November babies and the farewell of our guests from the Solomon islands.

We had so much food! Props to the guys and girls who spent time standing by the fire to cook and the organizers of course. The only bbq I have ever really participated in (not just by eating heh) was my 24th birthday. its not easy!!

I continued on for a movie! Since the Hunger Games hit the screens the day earlier, I thought we were lucky to get 4 good seats. I absolutely loved the movie! Maybe I have a penchant for utopic/dystopic societies… this one took the cake for being one of the best print-to-screen! All 2.5hr of it is worth it. I was literally hanging on to every line. :p totally enjoyed the movie and company of newlyweds Yati and Fiq.

Plus Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson make such a great couple.


On Saturday I was up early too to attend my Quran reading lesson and then I was out for another wedding with my bestfriend. Happiest for the newlyweds. Also it was my first time being quizzed by a certain dj of a malay channel and received a bridal magazine. I got an absolute kick out of it. I love seeing how happy couples are on their wedding day, marching in… the songs, the happy chatter all around, enjoying the food (I liked the desserts that day!) Haha! I still have a lot to fill Cindy in on malay weddings. 😉

After that we continued with a movie and my bf joined us. I finally caught Capt Philips! Good movie! No regrets and it added onto the good weekend I had! Caught up with them both too. Too much fun in one day I guess.

Sunday was my sleep in day… but I also had to go jogging with the bf. No im not gonna broadcast how unfit I am.. lol. In the parting words of jenselter, do your squats ladies!


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