2013 · Health and Beauty · Wishlists

Resolution : trying to keep fit.

No I don’t intend to be super KONG (kongsters as some of us call it, really just means to be muscular) I get how some girls like to be a little on the bulky side. But me? With my broad shoulders and hips what will I become?
A walking rectangular cardboard.

I have begun living with the fact that I will never be super slim/skinny because of my built. I have been 45kg for a year but that meant I was underweight and I had no.. uh.. what do you call it? Mamma? Lol.

I would like to be healthy.. (while retaining my ass please) How it all started was me gyming while I was flying. You know.. making use of free hotel gyms. But they were sporadic. I was always too tired (I seriously think my body was reacting negatively to the job) and gyming only happened when I had long flights. I was also not exercising consistently… when I really should. Everyone should.

Fast forward to present day.. I find myself having a gym membership and enjoying my weekly zumba classes. I just need to take care of my health since I’m only getting older and one unwanted effect of ageing is the diseases that comes with it; heart problems, diabetes etc. It’s always good to start prevention early. I have a family history of a few bleargh diseases so I hope not to develop them ever.

I also found that I really hated running.  But I’d still do it over insanity. It really made me sick. Haha. It’s ok, yesterday saw me finding a 6km jog pretty therapeutic. Running on the threadmill is great especially when you have tv to watch. Heh. But it is really boring when you keep running stationery. Maybe I should run outdoors more, with my boyfriend who always leaves me behind.

And the best part of this is buying nice shoes, tops, shorts and sports bras!


Until the next one!


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