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Resolutions and all

Hello November. How time flies. I still remember how it was at the end of 2012 when the boyfriend and I sat at a Mcdonald’s and wrote some resolutions for this year. I honestly thought, as always, I won’t bother to make them happen. But.. I managed to do some of the more important ones.

Who would’ve thought that I could keep to my resolutions this year? Even I didn’t. By mid year, I thought it would be like all the years before but this year taught me to be patient. Good things happen with patience and EFFORT. I already can’t wait to plan the years to come.. especially when we’ve got a home (and hopefully a wedding) coming up in a few years! Super excited 🙂

Some of my resolutions include

1. Being fitter than I am. So I managed to run and exercise more often.

2. Saving money (hmm still need help here)

3. Read Quran (with proper guidance and not with a smartphone and finish it by next year Insyaallah.

4. Eat healthy and stay away from things that make health worse

Well that’s it for this year. Let’s hear it for 2014 soon!

Deux Mille Treize Source: Pinterest

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