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Wedding of the year



The wedding day of a good buddy of mine 🙂 im so extremely happy for her and her hubby cuz seeing them grow closer and going on to the next step really made me realise love and life, how it should be for everyone.

Being a bridesmaid was also an eye opener for me. I had no clue how it will be like and honestly it was a good lesson learnt on how a wedding runs. I was so tired by the end of it but it felt like a great achievement. I think my previous job experience helped in making me a makcik kecoh lol!

Weddings also served to be a space for old friends to meet and new friendships to be forged. Families to gather and well, to eat good food! I love wedding food. Theyre like second to hari raya food. I feel my thighs crying already!

Nontheless we need to celebrate weddings for a month (28days to make a honey moon right?)

My wish for the newlyweds is to last a lifetime, be blessed with good children and have constant love that only grows for each other! Amin:)


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