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Every time I face the mirror

Its Friday! TGIF!

Surprised how I survived so far. How is it that I can put myself to sleep at normal hours and wake up (sometimes automatically)? I like it. I can feel that difference in my body.. don’t feel tired as much especially when I used to in the afternoon hours. (Haha like a baby who needs afternoon naps :p) Sleep is probably the most important thing to me! But I still love very much shift hours. Don’t ask me why.. you can give me so many reasons how it’s not better. I’m made for shift hours!

Anyway my point for this post is to document the love for my facial products!


I cant express enough how much I love Kiehl’s .. the toner is soo good but im lazy sometimes so I skip this step.. heh


For days I don’t like wearing make up and wanna clean my face easily, I just substitute my normal Kiehl’s sunscreen for the bb formula. it corrects and brightens!


I got hooked into the midnight recovery line after buying it from San Francisco. Smells good and just a little bit will do for the night:) I try not to use eye creams anymore after my beautician complained about me having oil build ups during my monthly facial and eye treatments. I needed those badly no thanks to flying.

I also love Laneige for their waterbank series and sleeping packs!


I use the waterbank gel cream. I find it really good for my dehydrated skin. I made such a bad mistake thinking how oily my skin was and cared less for my hydrating part of the regime. I’ve tried the essence as well but I get a lil lazy to add that extra step sometimes.

I have 2 sleeping packs. One I got in Seoul and one given to me. I like both very much but the firming sleeping pack has a texture that reminds me of pudding.. yummmm.

My other products that I don’t use that often include:

Laneige Blackhead removal gel (really good!)
Origins blemish gel
Queen Helene clay cleansing mask
Beauty Diaries hydrating paper mask
Face shop eye mask

Seems like I have a whole Takashimaya skin care floor to take care of my skin but really, its far from perfect. Not sure what im doing wrong? Diet? Genetics? Well. ….

My endless love for make up soon!


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