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Celebrating our love for you

12 oct 57, my papa was born

I am so happy, I feel complete and grateful to have his love and support. Thankful that our thoughts go in the same wavelength and we have so many things in common. I think the only thing I did not inherit is his nose. :p

I always tell myself that my parents are getting older and truth be told I can already see the signs. Its not so much of the ageing.. i think they’re both blessed with youthful faces. I scare myself more than anything when I hear that they’ve fallen ill. I worry more for them .. I just want them to live a happy, stress-free life but most of all, I always want to make them feel accomplished, for bringing me up.

My Quran teacher told me today that

Allah sentiasa mengintai kami, sentiasa memberi kami ujian dalam hidup ini
Tetapi ujianNya tidak akanlah membuat kami tidak larat untuk menghadapinya.

Surely God listens to all our prayers and God will never veer you away from the good.

She then told me a story of her old friend who is really ill from kidney failure. 20 years ago she adopted a baby girl who had a high fever and suffered brain damage. In her condition she has to support her only daughter financially, physically and herself in more ways than one. Her only wish? To live long enough so that she can see to her daughter everyday until the latter is gone. (She was told her daughter will not live that long) In her sickness, between her dialysis, that was her only wish. There was hardly any way for her to have lived the normal life but she has. Her need to have enough every day, as even working is a struggle for her, comes true everyday. We dont know how but we know God will always provide you with the rezeki for as long as you ask for it.

I’m feeling humbled at how my life isn’t as hard as some people but I worry that what if it’s not hard now cuz it’ll be hard later? Will I ever be prepared for the future problem? — always ask for the good things.

Most important thing to do now is to count my blessings everyday. And make them count.

Here I am thinking of means and ways to make my mom and dad happy. Funny how I grew up this way.

My dad with his present from the 4 of us! -- swarovski pen and pencil set

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