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In another life

You know, waking up early on a Sunday is not what I imagined myself to be doing ever. I guess 3 weekdays were enough to fix my body clock.

In the recent past, I had to constantly readjust myself to time. Of course most of the time I slept at 4am. I don’t think I’ve slept before midnight. And I am always telling myself how the body does its recovery between certain timing of the night (2200-0100 I think?) At some point I had enough… everytime I meet people (who I hardly see), they would always tell me how tired I looked. I love make up so much but I hated wearing them so often? I apologise for looking like a train wreck.

My sleep hours were really weird. My body was also constantly sick. And its all caused by jetlag. It’s not easy for me to handle. I am used to the weird shifts (or times of departures) but jetlag is a step above… I won’t elaborate on all the physical effects it had on me but let’s just say I’m too impatient to constantly calibrate myself to the externalities. I even wondered if one day I might just drop dead due to the constant lethargy, breathing in my nail polish (ha ha), eating the food from work.. Together with other factors that I won’t discuss…. After almost 3 years I had to call it quits with my red nails and lipstick. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone because I think we experience different things.

Needless to say, I am proud of being there once. I guess it’s an effect you get after awhile. It’s got to do with the stuff you do in and out of work, stuff you wear, stuff you eat. Basically a lifestyle the masses don’t have. Yes I have had breakfast in Frankfurt and lunch in New York. Not bad?

This old job showed me so many ways to live my life. Good and bad ways. Meeting all sorts of people, working with all sorts of bosses, can either make you stoic or make you more afraid of strangers. I am truly grateful to have made good friends that I hope to keep in contact for a long time.

Fun is travelling to new places. I remember how it was going to Moscow after 2 years in the service, seeing the Kremlin, the Red Square (well I also was intimidated cuz I studied the cold war in uni) and visiting the biggest Hard Rock café in the world. (I am such a huge fan!) And then we went to Houston where I decided to go for a pretty exclusive tour at NASA.



Yes, that’s an actual control center and those people are really communicating with astronauts sent to space.

The weather made us crazy too. It was so cold in Moscow (-20?) And I think we got a little used to it that I was only wearing a sweater and leggings in Houston and it was almost 14 degrees (celcius)

This is just an example of how it was good. I hope to reignite my love for travel in my blog here. And to write a little about all the places that i’ve been to.

In the not so near past I was also working, part time, for Lancome (note: I love make up). I enjoyed it.. wearing make up, selling skin care and make up, hitting a sales target. I believed in the products and after a short while I knew how to ask questions and match needs with products. I experienced moving from counters to counters and seeing the background of a sales floor. Having lunch at secret locations and enjoying discounts at selected departmental stores. I don’t think I have any pictures cuz camera phones were so lousy and I rarely saw them. My first smart phone was like in 2007?

I loved the sales period and I really fought hard to stay awake in quiet days especially when Vivo Tangs first opened (yep I was quite a pioneer hahaha) I was in the workforce really young but I learnt a lot.

Juggling between work and school? No, seriously.. didn’t know how I managed sometimes.

Well my whole point of this post is to say how much I am hoping the next step I took in employment will be the best choice I’ve made. More next time. ;p

À bientôt.


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