The mid twenties.

I’m talking about the age range i’m in here..

It feels right to fall in love for real (finally) and then make plans with my other half. Having plans to tie the knot (hopefully in a few years), plans  reinforced with the idea of getting a place. Our place. This all may seem normal or boring but hey, happiness is not what other people think right? This sort of thing floats my boat.

I am happy to say that i’ve lived a good life so far. It’s perfect for me. In my mid twenties I finally realised my parent’s love. All that they’ve ever done, were for my sister and I. Making ends meet.. being there for my birthday and my sister’s engagement (together since they’ve been apart for years)… giving the best advices and letting us learn life the best way; through life experiences. I’m proud of my parents for who they are and never will I say, as rebellious is was my middle name, that “hey I hate you for this and that”.

I’m pretty satisfied with my first career choice. Getting the opportunity to be a flight stewardess (which i thought for a very loooooong time was, by the way, a super glam job) and travelling the world in great make up and hairstyles, wear nice clothes and expensive bags.. but a wise man said a dream should always remain a dream.. that’s why they are all called dreams. Ill remember to write about this later. Now I’ve moved on… hoping to find stability and interest in my new job. Hopefully I can make a career out of it but its still too early to say… 🙂

But, being in this age range has its downsides.. suddenly real health issues surface. Here I find myself going for health check ups and screenings, vaccinations.. buying myself insurance. I found myself slacking in terms of fitness and I think if I continue eating the way I’ve been eating, God forbids, I might be obese soon and have all the happythreefriends diseases (read: diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems). I guess this is where I build a life plan for myself. To exercise regularly and eat well.

Also financial i$$ues become serious too. I spend more. I need to save more. Everything we need to do needs money. So that requires more drive from inside… it needs be taken care of too.

Overall this is a good life. Alhamdulilah


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