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Found my soulmate


I met him in 2006 as a boy I never thought i’d like. We were schoolmates at that time and I left school that year for the break before university. We started texting and talking to each other online but it wasn’t anything close to what we have now.

2007, we hung out as friends. As much as we all could. the group dynamics has changed since then, 4 remained until today and I consider them my best friends too.

By the end of 2008, we were going through changes in our own lives and at the same time, i grew a liking for him (lol) And just before the year end I knew i’d give this a shot.

So the year 2009 went by so fast cuz I wasnt around for a few months (ill blog about it another time) and when I was back we were getting into adjusting into each others’ lives. Subsequently everything went so well.

In 2010 he supported my decision to get a job. At the time it wasn’t just any job. It was my dream job (also… another time) To fly and to see the world as I could never get enough of it. I think it was a tough call for him cuz just the previous year I was gone for some time but he made it anyway. He supported me in any way he could. And I am glad.

Between the years 2011-2, time flew so fast because I was always away… jetsetting if you’d like. But it hasn’t always been easy. I think we never really got around to settle down in this lifestyle. And then it dawned on me that it isn’t the way i’d like to live my life.

This year.. I found myself making a decision to change my job. And this would mean another adjustment issue for us too. Of course there are problems but i’m rarely the sort who like airing my frustrations online. This year… we just need to learn how to  adjust into each others lives again and be firm with what we want for the both of us. And im sure that we will. Ill just have to fight with my inner demons sometimes.

The truth is all this while its never easy to let go because he gets me. Every single thing about me. And I get him. And I pray that it stays this way for a long long long time 🙂


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